My Caribbean: Jalisa Sealy

Updated: May 6, 2020

Sunny weather, beautiful beaches, with lovely golden sand.

Just let me tell you 'bout my Caribbean.

All kinda interesting things to do and history cahn done.

Nuff nuff things to see in my Caribbean.

Cou Cou, Callaloo, Pepper Pot and curry jerk lamb,

You mout gin water when you hear 'bout my Caribbean.

Doubles, fishcakes, roti when you done, yuh gine lick yuh hand.

Meet some lovely Trinis, Guyanese, Vincy's and Bajans, And some of the other peoples of my Caribbean.

Lucian, Grenadians, Dominicans, Jamaican mon.

Come learn the accents of my Caribean.

Vincy Mas, Reggae Jam and a Grand Kadoment band.

Yuh gine jump and wave when you come to my Caribbean.

Sweet sweet rhythm and vibes of tuk band and steel pan.

Yuh got to move yuh waist when yuh come to my Caribbean.

So when yuh get lil time off for your vacation.

Hop on LIAT or Jet Blue and come to my Caribbean.

I sure when yuh come, its food friends and fun!

Bless the good Lord for a sweet place like


Jalisa Sealy


24th May 2014


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