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Summer Reading Programme

Summer Reading Programme (SRP) is our flagship project. It is a collection of free public library readings and activity sessions that take place every Saturday in August. The community is invited to come out to various library branches to experience creative, fun-filled reading, activity and art segments that are planned around a theme for the summer. Faces light up with a glow of "Wow, I have learnt something today!”

This is the revamped Homework Helper programme which pairs volunteers, with weak or under-performing students who attend our partner Primary school. We are currently in the planning phase. Persons who are interested in teaching, or simply have a passion for children are encouraged to volunteer.

Community Drives

Community Drives are how we keep our ears to the ground, gather information and build relationships. These fun-filled face-to-face conversations enable us to listen to what residents have to say and help inform our future projects.

Other Initiatives

We support The Story Hour at several library branches, host a reading corner at events and visit schools on request. We plan other projects to engage literacy in dynamic ways.

Volunteer with us!

We're always on the lookout for talent as we aim to grow and expand. There will be a match for your skill set with the diverse roles, areas and projects we plan to undertake. Come to us brimming with ideas or just a willing heart, and you can help us reach out and make a greater impact!

The Government of Barbados has committed to paying the tuition fees of Barbadians who further their studies at specified tertiary institutions. In return students are required to Give Back a set number of hours at approved organisations. If you are one of these students you must first sign up on the Give Back website 

and then connect with us.

Give Back Programme

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