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Info Sessions on Simbi in November!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Simbi is a global reading platform that seeks to motivate learners to read more books, more often.

This Canadian based organisation will be showcasing what their platform has to offer for us in the Caribbean. With the current pandemic greatly impacting our children's learning, their platform offers an opportunity for both children and educators to learn and creatives to share their stories.

Teachers and Educators, Simbi offers a section for you! You can create reading challenges and assign books from their platform that children can read. Register to come learn more by clicking the image to join us on Tuesday!

Parents, your child can read many books by creating a free account to; read independently, listen to other children read, or record themselves reading for other children around the world to listen to. Come hear about Simbi by clicking the image to join us on Thursday!

Writers and artists, your content can be available on Simbi for any child in the world to read and learn. Register to learn how your content can be posted!

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